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Beauty and Music

My Love For You Is Insatiable

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Welcome to beauty_n_music

[*] This is a rating community.
[*] This community is for all ages, genders, and body types.
[*] When there are enough members, theme weeks will start. This will consist of a song being selected by an artist and pictures to go with lyrics will be posted.
[*] First seven members will be accepted automatically.
[*] You will be judged on appearance as well as your survey answers.

[*] There must be at least a two thirds vote of "yes" or "no" before you are accepted or rejected. After 24-48 hours the majority vote wins. If there is a tie, the mods will make the final decision.
[*] Critique is nice. But fighting and negative slurs of ANY kind will not be tolerated. You will be banned. And if you're applying, don't get upset if you get a no and don't bug people for their reason, they don't have to give one.
[*] Don't vote yes, just because someone is your friend.
[*] No pity votes.
[*] Please do not go to our private journals concerning this community. Feel free to e-mail one of the mods if you have an questions.
[*] Please do not post nude pictures. Artistically revealing pictures are fine but must be posted under cut with a warning due to underage members and work envirnments.
[*] Any revealing pictures must have your age posted before them so no one is surprised.
[*] Do not post quizzes. You may post links to other communities as long as it is not a text only post..
[*] All pictures must be under an LJ cut.
[*] Fill out survey that can be found below.
[*] Please post at least 3 pictures of yourself.
[*] Please post a variety of angles of yourself; not just face pictures.
[*] Please do not use any photoshopped photos when you apply. We want to see YOU.
[*] Only accepted members may post comments. If you're being rated, you may post comments to your entry only.
[*] You must post your pictures and application within 24 hours of joining.


[*] Name:
[*] Age/Birthday:
[*] Location:

[*] Favorite music style/why:
[*] Favorite male singer/why:
[*] Favorite female singer/why:
[*] Least favorite male singer/why:
[*] Least favorite female singer/why:
[*] Favorite group/why:
[*] Least favorite group/why:
[*] Favorite song(recent)/why:
[*] Least favorite song(recent/why:
[*] Favorite song(of all time)/why:
[*] Least favorite song(of all time/why:
[*] Favorite album(recent)/why:
[*] Least favorite album(recent)/why:
[*] Favorite album(of all time)/why:
[*] Least favorite album(of all time)/why:

[*] Give us a brief description of your style:
[*] Who are you:
[*] Why should we let you in:

Your friendly neighborhood mods