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this application thing..I don't have any pics yet...

[*] Name: Shanna
[*] Age/Birthday: 9/9/86 19 yrs old
[*] Location: Virginia

[*] Favorite music style/why: About everything..
[*] Favorite male singer/why: Kurt Cobain *he has an amaxing voice and he was so cute*
[*] Favorite female singer/why: Gwen Stefani *She has hot style, and she's so pretty*
[*] Least favorite male singer/why: Lenny Kravitz *That man cannot sing*
[*] Least favorite female singer/why: Jessica Simpson *She's overdone, too much stuff about her*
[*] Favorite group/why: Collective Soul *Their amazing, their music is just so calming*
[*] Least favorite group/why: hmm...The white stripes *They just get on my nerves some stuff is ok, but I dunno*
[*] Favorite song(recent)/why: *Disco Inferno by 50 Cent* *It has a nice beat and I love that guy*
[*] Least favorite song(recent/why: These Boots by Jessica Simpson *It's just not her kind of song, and besides I don't like the girl*
[*] Favorite song(of all time)/why: *Gel by Collective Soul* *Oh my gosh this is the greatest song, it has an amazing beat and the lyrics are just awesome*
[*] Least favorite song(of all time/why: Tamborine Man by Bob Dylan *I just can't even stand to hear that man sing, I mean it is a classic, but it's just not for me*
[*] Favorite album(recent)/why: Ya know, I don't know, I listen to alot of the older stuff, and download most of my music...hmmm...I'll think on it, and get back to ya.
[*] Least favorite album(recent)/why: same as above
[*] Favorite album(of all time)/why: Collective Soul *Seven year itch* this is an amazing compilation, and collective soul is just awesome.
[*] Least favorite album(of all time)/why: Backstreet Boys Anything by them...haha...some of it's ok....but not much....

[*] Give us a brief description of your style: Jeans and a shirt, I'm a little different and I like to color my hair a lot, and cut it different ways..I guess I would say I'm unique
[*] Who are you: me of course..hehe..j/k...I don't know how to answer that...hmmm....
[*] Why should we let you in: Because I rock..hehe. J/K. Because I love collective soul and other bands of the sort, and I'm just a great person...
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