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Here's my application.

[*] Name: David (call me Kale)
[*] Age/Birthday: 23 / Aug '80
[*] Location: Sydney, Australia

[*] Favorite music style/why: Dance or up-beat rock. I just love the energy that comes with a solid beat and fast pace and often find myself wishing I could dance. I also like new age a fair bit for serene relaxing moods.
[*] Favorite male singer/why: Bono from U2 and Sting are probably my most highly respected male musicians. Why? Because they're in their profession for the art and nothing else, and they are good at what they do even if I don't always like it.
[*] Favorite female singer/why: Recently I'd say Dido or Delta Goodrem, very talented young ladies with a very good career ahead of them (as long as they stay on the right path).
[*] Least favorite male singer/why: Any of these R & B guys that are "pimping", all about girls and sex. Ticks me off.
[*] Least favorite female singer/why: Probably Britney Spears because she first aimed to be a positive role-model but then turned trashy. If she started out trashy I wouldn't've minded so much, but she's responsible for leading many young girls astray.
[*] Favorite group/why: If we go by number of songs liked by one artist, probably The Corrs. They're so very sweet and talented musicians, alot of heart and soul in their songs and I just love their original sound. Love irish voices and love violins.
[*] Least favorite group/why: I don't know their names becuase I haven't tried to find out. Try any R&B, just doesn't interest me.
[*] Favorite song(recent)/why: "Here Without You" - Three Doors Down. It seems to be getting more radio play now and I really love the song, very me and the feeling of lonely and almost fruitless longing is something I very much relate to.
[*] Least favorite song(recent/why: "Fuck It(I Don't Want You Back" - Eamon. I dislike this song intensely because it's a small-minded man being small minded, petty, bitter and showing how shallow his own feelings really were in the first place. And INFINITELY worse is that it's to a catchy tune that people like and can sing along to without realising. It's songs like that that seriously undermine moral standards and expectations and nobody cares just because it sounds good! Ticks me off. And the girlfriend's reply song is just as bad. I HATE the way these songs get under people's skins and make it cool to say "Well F&%$ you then". Like the "I Got High" song a few years back. Makes stupid small-minded ways of life cool and I HATE it. I'm rambling, but you asked...
[*] Favorite song(of all time)/why: "Chase The Sun" - Planet Funk. Holds that position and has for the last few years since the very first time I heard it (I can still remember where I was). It is upbeat, lovely vocals, beautiful atmosphere, cryptic lyrics, it's beautiful. I think the female vocals are what does it.
[*] Least favorite song(of all time/why: "Follow Me" - Uncle Cracker. I liked the song and thought it was really sweet until my old Boss told me what it was about, then I really listened to it and now I simply cannot stand the song at all in any way. It's a guy seducing a married woman - adultery if you must know.
[*] Favorite album(recent)/why: I've really gotten back into "Deep Forest" - Deep Forest recently. They've got really nice amibient music, relaxing and serene.
[*] Least favorite album(recent)/why: All the ones that I don't buy and wouldn't consider buying? I find this a difficult question to understand because I don't buy albums I don't like so I can't compare their badness...
[*] Favorite album(of all time)/why: "Dreamland" - Robert Miles. Just the most well balanced album between fast and slow, beautiful vocals and to think that it was the creation of just one man playing every part electronically is amazing.
[*] Least favorite album(of all time)/why: Well, the least favourite album that I've actually bought myself (before finding out I disliked it) was Robert Miles' follow-up albums "Organik" and "23am". They were garbage and had absolutely nothing. I don't know how he went from superb to nothing.

[*] Give us a brief description of your style: The style of pics is generally whatever comes. I tend to be well-presented but don't go out of my way to take photos, so what you see is what you get.
[*] Who are you: Loner/thinker/quiet guy.
[*] Why should we let you in: Because I'll quietly sit on the fringes and keep an eye on everyone, ensuring fair play.

Now I don't have any particularly good pictures of me handy, but I'll grab some over the next few days and post them.

Kale and Snorlax in America
Tired adn sleepy
Snorlax want a cracker!
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